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Fire the Gargoyle who is ringing the cathedral bells while the program is running.

I'm losing my mind with that racket - others around me are starting to wonder where the fire is....

BuBBy , 06.06.2011, 09:00
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WebMinds, 06.06.2011, 16:33
This is Steve from WebMinds, could you please clarify what you mean? The application does not make sounds like you stated.
Joe, 09.06.2011, 13:33

I am having the same issue. As soon as SensiGuard starts, the computer starts "BEEPING", non-stop, until your program is exited. It is annoying to the point as to make the program intolerable. How to kill the "Gargoyle who is ringing the cathedral bells" ???

I also enter a support ticket for this issue.


BuBBy, 10.06.2011, 00:11
I've located what I believe is the problem - The beep/bells are actually being triggered by another monitoring program that that is detecting an error in SensiGuard.

The monitoring program is "Chameleon Monitor" that is running in the system tray - It generates an error log file - c:\users\BuBBy\Documents\Chameleon files\Log\monitor_error.log

The only error that appears (repeatedly) in this file is:

6:03:53 PM Log (common): SaveAllLogs begin
Multiple errors: Err (common): Function: DLL ERROR Message: SensiGuard.exe (3520) DLL SetFloatWindowPosition SetWindowPos 1 fail: 00020B9C (SensiGuard) /// ATL:004B7410 Last error (1400):Invalid window handle Count: 1
6:03:53 PM Err (common): Function: DLL ERROR Message: 9/06/2011 6:03:53 PM: DLL MessageLog: too high errors Last error (134044):

It seems that each time this error occurs - the monitor program beeps.

The reason why so many users got the beeping - is because this monitoring program comes with Chameleon Task Manager which was offered 6 days earlier on GOTD. I can't say if "Chameleon Monitor" came when the GOTD was installed, or if it was only with the "purchased" version which was also offered. (I purchased both Task Manager and Startup Manager - so it might be related to Startup Manager).

Steve, If you want me to send the entire log file to you, contact me via email.

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